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CAM PRO P48-016, 1/48 SCALE, VFA-22 & VFA-14, F/A-18E SUPER HORNET

MSRP: $12.00
Price: $5.75
You Save: $6.25 (52 %)
Item Number: P48-016
Manufacturer: CAM PRO DECALS
VFA-22, FIGHTING RED COCKS, F/A-18E, BUNO 166437 / NK100, CVW-14, USS REAGAN CVN-76, 2006

VFA-14 TOPHATTERS, F/A-18E, BUNO 165862 / NH201, CVW-11, USS NIMITZ CVN-68, 2003

These decals were printed sometime in 2006/2007. There haven't been any complaints, but due to the age of these decals it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that they be coated with MICROSCALE LIQUID DECAL FILM prior to use. This will prevent cracking or shattering when they are placed in the water.