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CAM (Custom Aeronautical Miniatures) DECALS is American owned and operated by a retired member of the U. S. NAVY. My love of Phantoms and Tomcats will be evident in the forthcoming releases.
CAM has undergone several changes since being purchased in 2006. Not the least of which is this new website. As with anything new there are bound to be a few glitches in the beginning. Please be patient during this process.

All of the OLD ORIGINAL CAM DECALS have been discontinued. Most, but not all will be reprinted as either CAM PRO Decals or the NEW "MILSPEC" decals line. The NEW reprints will be listed on the website under the correct line of decals that they will be reprinted in, as they become available. Your suggestions will in part determine the order in which the new decals are reprinted in. Due to the large number of decals involved this will be an ongoing process for many months, or longer. Your cooperation and patience during this time of growth and change are greatly appreciated.