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5-15-19 OKAY, they are here!!!
The NEW VF-11 RED RIPPERS F-14D decals are here and available for immediate shipment.
I'm still not sure what will be next, maybe another Tomcat, or a Phantom, so many choices. Maybe some SUPER HORNETS......
The VF-84 Jolly Rogers decals P32-008 are back in stock and available for immediate shipment.

5-5-19 The NEW VF-11 RED RIPPERS F-14D decals are due to ship from Microscale any day now. I will make them available for sale as soon as they are shipped. I still haven't decided what to print next, I'm leaning towards another Phantom (VF-11) or maybe another Tomcat (VF-142). So many choices, and I like all of them.

1-25-19 I would like to apologize for not keeping this page updated. Life issues have proven to be more of an issue than I ever expected. Hurricane damage to my home and some medical issues have been a little bit of a distraction. Hopefully that is all behind me and I will be able to keep up with the "NEWS".

Currently in progress are 5 new F-14D sets, some Phantoms and a few Skyhawks. The first of the Tomcats should be available in 4 to 6 weeks. Followed by......... well at this time I haven't decided what will be next. Maybe an S-3B set, VS-35 BLUE WOLVES.

5-29-18 The VMA-311 Tomcats A-4M decals have arrived and are available as  MILSPEC 72-030, 48-030 and 32-030. Next up will be VF-143 PUKIN' DOGS F-14B, they should be available around mid July.

4-28-18 I don't have any idea why, but it appears that all of my updates over the past three months have either disappeared or were never published to this page.

The newest release is the VF-161 Chargers F-4N, available NOW as MILSPEC 72-025, 48-025 and 32-025. The next release will be VMA-311 Tomcats A-4M, available around the middle of MAY as MILSPEC 72-030, 48-030 and 32-030.

4-28-18 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, If you are going to send a contact request, please include a valid email address. Really hard to reply when the email address that you include is not a valid address. 

If you are going to send a contact request, please include a valid email address. Really hard to reply when the email address that you include is not a valid address. 

11-14-17 The Seymour Johnson F-4E "MILSPEC" 32-019, 48-019 and 72-019 decals have a scale issue with the tail markings. This issue has been corrected with a correction that is included with all new orders.If you have already purchased this decal and would like the corrected tail markings please contact me and I will send them free of charge. Please include your Name, address, and order number if it is available. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

8-1-17 It's been a while since my last update, no excuse except life got in the way.
There have been a lot of decals added to the "FINAL CALL" listing. These are ORIGINAL CAM Decals that I only have A FEW of and it's time to put them into the hands of someone who will actually use them. Keep in mind that these decals were printed sometime in the late 90s. There haven't been any complaints concerning them, but they are OLD and may shatter when they are placed in the water. I recommend that they be coated with MICROSCALE LIQUID DECAL FILM before you use them. NO EXCHANGES, REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS. FREE shipping on ALL orders over $100. USE COUPON CODE    FREE100. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS.

The  VF-51 SCREAMING EAGLES F-14A are here and available for immediate sale. Also the
4th TFW, SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB, F-4E 1984 decals in 1/32 are now available along with the 1/72 and 1/48 scales that were released a few weeks ago. Still n track to release a few Super Hornets around the middle or end of June. Probably VFA-2, VFA-41 and VFA-102 in HI/VIZ markings.


4th TFW, SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB, F-4E 1984 decal should be available by the end of the week. I will open it up for sale as soon as Microscale lets me know that it has shipped.
Next up will be VF-51 SCREAMING EAGLES, F-14A, BUNO 160665 / NL102, CVW-15, USS KITTY HAWK CV-63, 1979. Expected delivery is late March/early April.

1-17-17  Well I don't have a clue what happened to several updates that have 
been posted since 11-23-16. So I will just post the newest information. The next decal to be release will be MILSPEC, 4th TFW, SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB, F-4E 1984. It will be available in all three scales and should be here around the middle of February. They are at the printers now and delivery will be determined by the printers schedule.

10-17-16 OKAY I just set up a new decal category, (FINAL CALL) it will contain decals that have been sold out and discontinued BUT I may still have one or two left in my archive file. They will go fast so don't wait till it's too late to get one or more of these OLD ORIGINAL CAM DECALS. NO Warranty, return, refund or replacement. VERY STRONGLY recommend that they be coated with Microscale liquid decal film. These decals are at least 16 years old and MAY shatter when you use them. Liquid decal film will prevent that from happening.

10-12-16 OKAY guys, I know I have said this before, but some people like to do things their way. When doing a search it is important to enter the information correctly or you probably will not find what you are looking for. There is no such decal as 48029, it must be entered as 48-029. Without the dash you will not find what you are looking for. Also when searching for a specific squadron once again the dash is very important. VF213 is not the same as VF-213, you can also search using the squadron name or the aircraft type, F-4, F-14 or Phantom or Tomcat. I wish my search engine wasn't so picky, but it is. I see a lot of searches that would be successful IF THE CORRECT INFORMATION HAD BEEN ENTERED.  Perhaps the easiest way to search is to choose the scale and the aircraft type. 1/32 F-4 Phantom will bring up all of the Phantom decals in 1/32 scale. Also please remember, there is no such aircraft as an FA-18, it always has been F/A-18 and I don't see the NAVY changing that any time soon. 

Rumor has it that the Navy has issued a contract to Boeing for the modification of "E" and "F" Super Hornets to replace the Legacy Hornets that the Blues currently fly.
Something to look forward to! 

Your comments/recommendations are always welcome.

2-8-16 The F-4G Phantom decals have finally arrived and are available for sale.

Now a little bit of a rant. To the person who has so much time on their hands that they can spend it doing searches on the website for nonsensical entries, keep it up and I will turn it over to the police for investigation. You are interfering with my business and in general being a nuisance. Get a job and quit wasting my time deleting your ridiculous search entries.  You leave a traceable fingerprint every time you do a search. 

You have been warned. 

12-15-15 Recently there have been numerous searches for CAM Resin products. As I have stated before, CAM Decals is no longer associated with CAM Resin and does not have any resin products available for sale. The entire CAM Resin line and all inventory was sold off in 2006. As of right now it is my understanding that the company that bought CAM Resin does not intend to produce any products for the foreseeable future. CAM Decals does not have any plans to become involved in the production of any resin products. Occasionally some items appear on ebay, other than that I don't know of anyone that is supplying any of the resin products. 

9-30-15 Recently there have been a number searches for US Navy ship decals. At this time there are no plans on doing either ship or weapons decals.


8-5-15 There are quite a few repeat searches for the same decal. If you are looking for one of the OLD ORIGINAL CAM Decals and it is not listed, it is out of stock and will not be re-printed as a CAM Decal. Most, but not all of the old decals will be reprinted as either CAM PRO decals or as part of the new "MILSPEC" decal line. Sine there isn't any firm schedule for the re-prints they will not be listed until they are sent to the printer.